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To find an Army ROTC program at a college or university near you, click here.



Click this link https://schlr4yr.usarmyrotc.com/scholarshipstatus/status.asp to check the status of your scholarship application.
For more information about Army scholarships, contact the Scholarship Branch at usarmy.knox.usacc.mbx.train2lead@mail.mil or by calling (502) 624-7371.

Please include your full name and contact information on any scholarship-related correspondence.

ROTC Recruiting (502) 624-0167
Scholarships (502) 624-7371
Nurse Program (502) 624-6298
Army National Guard (502) 624-5211
Army Reserve (502) 624-5211


Cadet Actions

For questions related to personnel or administrative actions, all Cadets should contact their unit S1 representative.


Cadet Summer Training Information

During the summer Fort Knox is host to cadet summer training activities. For news and information about CST please visit futurearmyofficers.com, CLC, or CIET websites.
During the summer for information about visiting Fort Knox please referr to the above websites or you can reach the Visitors Bureau by calling (502) 624-2804 between 8:00am or 6:00pm or emailing usarmy.knox.usacc.mbx.cst-vb@mail.mil.


Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP) Program

To find out more about CULP, click here.


Cadet Professional Development Training

Contact the CPDT Program Manager for training and training-related travel assistance at usacc-g3@usaac.army.mil.


DoD Safe Hotline

(877) 995-5247, offers 24/7 live confidential support for sexual assault victims.


USACC HQ and Brigade Sexual Assault Hotline

24/7 assistance can be reached at (855) 472-6538.


Media Relations Office

Members of the media may contact the media relations office at (502) 624-3450.


Freedom of Information Act Requests

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests can be made via usarmy.knox.usacc.mbx.hq-foia@mail.mil.


Inspector General

To contact the Inspector General's office, click here.


ROTC Mobile Apps

The ROTC mobile app is available for both Android and Apple smartphones.
    Android ROTC Handbook
    Apple ROTC Handbook


Website Problems

Contact the Webmaster at usarmy.knox.usacc.list.webmaster-managers@mail.mil with website technical issues.


Telephone Numbers

Staff Agencies
Safety (502) 624-4930
Chaplain (502) 624-5660
Equal Opportunity (502) 624-7659
Staff Judge Advocate (502) 626-3529
Public Affairs Officer (502) 624-5706
Protocol (502) 624-7820
HHD Commander
(Active Duty Personnel Only)
(502) 624-1211
Military Personnel (502) 624-2724
Civilian Personnel (502) 624-1124
1st Brigade Commander (502) 624-1042
1st Brigade Admin (502) 624-1042
1st Brigade Recruiting (502) 624-1920
2nd Brigade Commander (609) 562-3655
2nd Brigade Admin (609) 562-3655
2nd Brigade Recruiting (609) 562-3704
3rd Brigade Commander (847) 688-3328 ext 101
3rd Brigade Admin (847) 688-3328 ext 105, 106
3rd Brigade Recruiting (847) 688-3328 ext 111, 112
4th Brigade Commander (910) 396-9131
4th Brigade Admin (910) 396-5616
4th Brigade Recruiting (910) 396-8631
5th Brigade Commander (210) 295-0689
5th Brigade Admin (210) 295-0689
5th Brigade Recruiting (210) 295-0429
6th Brigade Commander (912) 315-8859
6th Brigade Admin (912) 315-4613
6th Brigade Recruiting (912) 315-8544
6th Brigade JROTC (912) 315-8460
7th Brigade Commander (502) 624-1753
7th Brigade Admin (502) 624-1753
7th Brigade Recruiting (502) 624-2505
8th Brigade Commander (253) 967-4976
8th Brigade Admin (253) 967-4976
8th Brigade Recruiting (253) 967-9860