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FY16 PMS Board Information


Click the 2016 PMS Board Preference Sheet. When the screen pops up giving the options box to "Open, Save, or Save as", click the "Save as" button and save to your desktop. Close the Cadet Command website. Open the document from the desktop and complete the document using the dropdowns and signing with the CAC enabled function. Save the completed document and forward to Assignment Manager.

You can see the messages by logging into the MILPER message website at https://www.hrc.army.mil with either your CAC or your AKO credentials.


PMS Manager: Mr. Robert Johnson

Phone: (502) 624-5718

Email: robert.h.johnson11.civ@mail.mil


Furlough Information

To access more information about the furlough please login to the Enterprise Portal - navigate to the Right Site, then the G1 tab.


Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP)

Voting assistance for service members www.fvap.gov

Federal Post Card Application forms can be obtained by following the online assistant found here: https://www.fvap.gov/r3

Brigade contacts are listed below.


USACCMr. Doris Gonzalez (VAO)
LTC Vonnette T. Monteith
1ST BDEAnthony Baptiste502-624-5427anthony.j.baptiste.civ@mail.mil
2ND BDEClinton Steele609-562-5164clinton.j.steele.civ@mail.mil
3RD BDEDaniel Hadd847-688-3328 ext. 106daniel.j.hadd.civ@mail.mil
4TH BDESheila Grinnell910-396-5616sheila.a.grinnell.civ@mail.mil
5TH BDEKenneth Teninty210-245-2013kenneth.j.teninty.civ@mail.mil
6TH BDEConstance Smith912-315-6637constance.z.smith.mil@mail.mil
7TH BDECPT Jessica Gordon502-624-4475Jessica.m.gordon16.mil@mail.mil
8TH BDECPT Lavanda Harrison253-477-3578lavanda.k.harrison.mil@mail.mil